ArborMAX Package Guidelines:

  • Company must be in business at least three years. New ventures may be considered if owner has at least five years experience and education in the tree care industry.
  • Company must be a member of a Green Industry Association such as TCIA, ISA or a regional association OR have a written safety program in effect.
  • Company must have at least 20% of their payroll/receipts in tree care operations. The balance of payroll can be Landscape, Lawn Care, Land Clearance, Mulch Manufacturing & More.
  • Minimum annual premium is $5,000 per account.
ArborMAX Workers’ Compensation Guidelines (Written in Conjunction with Package):
  • Refer to Package Guidelines regarding Green Association/Safety Program Requirement.
  • Company must be a TCIA Accredited Member or have a TCIA Certified Treecare Safety Professional (CTSP) on staff.
  • Minimum annual premium is $25,000.

Accounts are direct billed to clients and payment plans are available.

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